K.Contos helped me to re-imagine my fitness goals. Kristen's passion for health and fitness is enthusiastic, and natural. Her customized programs are quite deliberate, challenging, and super fun! I am grateful to have found such an energizing trainer, who really packs the punch!

    thumb Lauren G.

      Kristen is the best trainer! I worked out with her for so many times, always brings so much passion and fun to the training, keeps me motivated all the time. She is very knowledgeable of the meal plans, daily activities that is healthy for me, and she herself is such a self disciplined person that makes you feel there is always a role model for you.

    thumb Summer L.

      Really enjoy training with Kristen! She has a great attitude and makes working out super fun. She's passionate about what she does and it shows! Would definitely recommend Kristen to anyone looking to get motivated about fitness.

    thumb M. W.

      Kristen is a fantastic trainer! She has such a genuine enthusiasm for training, and it definitely helps keep me motivated! She takes the time to get to know me, and I really enjoy getting to see her each week.

    Each session, she has carefully planned workouts that keep me engaged and having fun (which is not something I ever thought I would say about working out!). Her expertise and passion for fitness make her a great trainer to work with.

    thumb Nina M.

      Kristen's passion for fitness is contagious, you just can't help but get psyched about training with her.  She's interested in pushing your limits, and helping you find your best.  Would definitely recommend her to anyone.

    thumb Adam S.

      Kristen has great enthusiasm and passion for Heath and Fitness. You won't be disappointed after you workout with her!

    thumb Jason K.

      Kristen is awesome!  I've been working with her for 2 months so far.  She is so encouraging and positive with my workouts.  Encouraging me to go farther and try harder.  She takes the time to get to know me and talk with me about what I'm looking to work on. Every workout is different and I never get bored.  I would definitely and highly recommend her as your next trainer!

    thumb Erin K.

      When Someone enters the fitness world with such enthusiasm and knowledge it rubs off on everyone around them.  This person is def Kristen.  She makes her workouts to the person and their needs/desires.  I actually look forward to going and seeing her.  Without any doubts if you get the chance to workout with her u will understand what and why I said this:)

    thumb Drew F.

      I've been training with Kristen for almost 6 months and I absolutely adore her!!! She always has my goals in mind, is super responsive & always on time. She pushes me to work harder & that is exactly what I need!

    thumb Mary F.

      You won't come across many trainers like Kristen. She is passionate, dedicated, well educated, and focused on making you a better athlete inside and out. If you're looking for someone that will push you and stick with you even during those rough days, check her out - you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Travis B.

      Kristen has been helping me pick and execute exercises that she tailors to each of my fitness needs for some time now.  She has earned a 5-star rating in my book!  It's never too late to get fit or work out to stay healthy.  I can say from experience that training with Kristen can help even the geriatric crowd, like me, to get started on a fitness plan, keep motivated, and stay on the right track to achieve his/her goals!

    thumb Joyce C.

      Kristen is as good as it gets when choosing a personal trainer. She is upbeat and encouraging and makes time fly by. I love working with her, she is constantly changing up the routines so nothing is ever tired or boring. She makes even the worst exercises enjoyable and fun. You can tell she carefully plans everything out ahead of time- nothing is without purpose. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and want to be her when I grow up- I mean have you seen her abs?

    thumb Danielle J.

      Contos is the best! She is super friendly, passionate about what she does, truly invested in her clients and somehow always full of energy. Bottom line is that she knows what she is doing and will help you accomplish whatever fitness goal you have. 100% recommend.

    thumb Laura L.

      I have been training with Kristen for the past several months and couldn't be happier with my results! Not only is she passionate, energetic and fit, but she constantly keeps me motivated with fun fitness plans. I put my full faith and confidence in my recommendation. She is by far the best trainer I've ever had!

    thumb Mara D.

      Kristin is spectacular! Not only does she work hard, but she makes you want to word hard. She genuinely cares about her clients goals and knows how to push you to the next level. The fact that she's also an awesome person just adds to the cake. So happy I found her!!!

    thumb Laura W.

      I have been training with Kristen for the past 6 months and have no intention to stop. I have seen drastic improvements in areas I specifically wanted to get better at (overall strength, core strength) thanks to her guidance and motivation. She brings a passion and enthusiasm that is unmatched by any trainer I have worked with in the past (even at collegiate and pro sports levels). And she keeps it fun!

    thumb Luke F.